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Sena Kurtulmuş
Dil ve Konuşma Terapisti

İletişim, dil ve konuşma bozuklukları olan 0-6 yaş arası çocuklarla ve aileleriyle çalışmaktayım.


Sena Kurtulmuş

Sena Kurtulmuş was born in Istanbul on August 23, 1996 and originally an Albanian and Balkan immigrant. After completing her primary, secondary and high school education in Istanbul, she started her undergraduate education in Biruni University, Faculty of Health Sciences, Language and Speech Therapy in 2015.


During her undergraduate education, she observed children with normal language and speech development in various nurseries and kindergartens as a trainee language and speech therapist from the second year onwards.


After his obligatory observation internship in ENT, Pediatrics and Neurology polyclinics at Biruni University Medical Faculty Hospital, he worked as an intern language and speech therapist in various rehabilitation centers.


Sena Kurtulmuş successfully completed a 2-month English education at C1 level at Kaplan International School Covent Garden in London, United Kingdom, for English education during the last summer break of her undergraduate education. During his stay in London he met different experts. Kurtulmuş had the chance to attend the "Thinking of training to be a SLT?" training of Sarah Shaw, a Speech and Language Therapist, one of the experts he met as a guest.


After her graduation in 2019, Sena Kurtulmuş worked with children and adolescents at sociocultural and socioeconomic levels in two different rehabilitation centers in Istanbul between 2019-2020 for various communication, language and speech disorders.


During her graduation, Sena Kurtulmuş participated in many therapy training and certificate programs. International PROMPT, DIR Floortime 201 and PALIN PCI methods are just a few of the therapy trainings Kurtulmuş has attended.

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