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Frequently Asked Questions

We have listed the most frequently asked questions for you in an explanatory way below.

If you are having trouble finding the answer to your question, you can contact us.

Where is your location?

 It is located in Nef 12 Merter on the European side of Istanbul.

In which areas do you offer therapy services?

I offer therapy for many communication, language and speech disorders such as stuttering, Delayed Language & Speech, Speech Sound Disorder, Aphasia, Childhood Speech Apraxia, Rapid & Distorted Speech, Specific Language Disorder.

What are your working days and hours?

Our center is open between 09.00-17.00 on Wednesday-Thursday-Friday and between 09.00-18.00 on Saturday. Other days are closed.

How many minutes is the evaluation session?

The evaluation session takes 1 hour.

How many minutes do speech and language therapy sessions take?

Speech and language therapy sessions last 45 minutes.

After each session, the family is informed about 5-10 minutes.

Is it obligatory for the family to attend the sessions together with the child?

If the therapist deems it appropriate, he or she may ask the family to attend the sessions. 

In how many sessions will my child's language and speech disorder improve?

It is not possible to give a definite opinion on this subject without a detailed evaluation session with your child. For this, the necessary language assessment tests specific to your child should be applied and communication skills should be evaluated.

How much are the session fees?

To find out the session fees, you can reach my assistant on the phone number of our clinic at 0535 921 55 34

What methods do you use in the sessions?

The methods applied in therapy vary according to the needs of the client and the type of language-speech disorder.

Click here for detailed information about the methods applied in the sessions.

Can the session duration be extended if we are late for the session?

If you're going to be late, we want you to call and let me know. When you give notice, your session will be extended by a maximum of 15 minutes. If you do not inform that you will be late for the session, your session will not be extended in order not to disrupt the operation of the next sessions. 

How can I reach you for an appointment and information?

To get an appointment and information, you can reach my assistant at 0535 921 55 34 during our working hours.

What age groups and speech disorders do you work with?

I work with delayed speech, speech sound disorders, stuttering, rapid-distorted speech, apraxia of speech, pragmatic language disorder, specific language disorders in children and adolescents, and acquired language disorders (aphasia, defense, etc.) in adults and the elderly.

In which languages do you do therapy?

I do Turkish and English Language and Speech Therapy.

Do you do therapy when the client first arrives?

Evaluation session is held.

What should I say to my child when I come to the assessment session?

"We will go to an older sister's with you and you will play games there. You can say that there are very nice toys in your sister's room and children like you are coming.

How many sessions do we need to come per week?

Your weekly session frequency is determined according to the type and frequency of the communication, language and speech disorder of the client after the evaluation session. For this, an evaluation session should be held.

When should we go to a speech and language therapist?

We recommend you to read our article titled "When should we go to a speech and language therapist?" on our blog.

Do you give homework after sessions?

Homework after the session is given according to the type of language and speech disorder of the client. Home exercises are frequently given, especially in diagnoses such as Speech Sound Disorder, Delayed Language & Speech, and Aphasia.

What assessment tests do you apply?

Tests such as TEDİL, TİGE I-II, SST, AAT, FFT, SST, ADD, GAT-2, KEŞİDA are applied in evaluation sessions. 

Click for detailed information about evaluation tests.

What should I do when I cannot come to the session?

You must notify that you will not be able to attend the session, at the latest, 24 hours before the session time. If you do not inform that you will not be able to attend the session, you will be taken to the end of the appointment list.

Do you offer online therapy?

There is an online therapy option, but in certain periods, online therapy service may vary depending on the session intensity.  is changing. Online family workshops are also implemented. Click to get detailed information.

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