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Sena Kurtulmuş, Speech and Language Therapist

Hello ! I'm Sena Kurtulmus. I have been working as a speech and language therapist since July 2019. During my education and academic life, I did volunteer internships in many kindergartens, hospitals and rehabilitation centers. I attended various congresses, seminars and therapy training programs throughout my student and professional life. In 2020, I established my own counseling center on the European Side of Istanbul and held numerous sessions with clients of all ages. In October 2021, I started my master's degree in speech and language therapy at Atlas University (with thesis).  I also conduct sessions with my clients whose mother tongue is English. As of September 2021, I have been conducting speech and language therapy sessions mostly with child/adolescent clients aged 0-16 and individuals aged 50 and over with acquired language & speech disorders.

Among my main fields of work;

  • Stuttering

  • Speech Voice Disorder

  • Delayed Speech

  • Specific Language Disorder

  • Language and Speech Disorders in Autism Spectrum Disorder

  • Language and Speech Disorders in Down Syndrome

  • Language and Speech Disorders in Cleft Lip and Palate

  • Aphasia

  • Fast & Distorted Speech

  • Selective Mutism

  • Apraxia

  • There is dysarthria.


Sena Kurtulmuş
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Evaluation of Communication, Language and Speech Development I Attended

Tests Training:


  • Gilliam Autistic Disorder Rating Scale (GOBDÖ-2-TV)

  • Turkish School Age Language Development Test (TODİL)

  • Turkish Early Language Development Test (TEDİL)

  • Pronunciation and Phonology Test (SST)

  • Ankara Articulation Test (AAT)

  • Phonological Awareness Test (FFT)

  • Aphasia Language Assessment Test (ADD)

  • Gülhane Aphasia Test (GAT-2)

  • Stuttering Severity Assessment Tool (KESIDA-4)

  • TİGE I-II (Turkish Communication Development Inventory)

  • Ankara Developmental Screening Inventory (AGTE)

  • Sensory and Motor Function Questionnaire in Preschool Children

Languages I know:

  • Advanced English

  • Intermediate French

  • Beginner Arabic

Trainings and Congresses I Attended in My Academic and Professional Life
  • Stuttering Course 2021-18.12.2021, Prof.Dr.Scott Yaruss

  • Stuttering Therapy in Preschool Children 16-31 October 2021, Red Bull Counseling

  • Working with School Age Stuttering Children, 14-15 March 2021/21-22 March 2021, Prof.Dr.Kurt Eggers

  • Working with Preschoolers who stutter, 14-15 February 2021/21-22 February 2021, Prof.Dr.Kurt Eggers

  • ETEÇOM-2 (Interaction-Based Early Childhood Intervention Programme), December,2020- Prof.Dr.İbrahim H. DİKEN

  • Assessment and Therapy in Rapid-Distorted Speech, November 2020, Prof.Dr.Kurt Eggers

  • Childhood Apraxia of Speech Evaluation and Therapy-October,2020 Mayo Clinic

  • Introduction to PROMPT: Technique, September,2020, PROMPT Instructor Specialist Dkt.Nida Şanlı

  • Maryellen's Favorite Books to Use During Uncertain Times COVID19 Webinar

  • Evaluation and Support of Reading Fluency in Dyslexia with Informal Tools-Assoc.Prof.Şaziye Seçkin Yılmaz

  • Roadmap for Incipient Stuttering Cases

  • Clinical Evaluation and Intervention in Speech Sound Disorders

  • DIR Floortime 201: DIR Floortime Therapy in Basic Capacities-March 2020, Linus Consulting  

  • PALIN PCI: Parent-Child Interaction Therapy-December 2019,Micheal Palin Center-Istanbul

  • National Language and Speech Disorders Congress-May 2019, Medipol University

  • I. National Fluency Disorders Symposium-March 2019, Medipol University

  • DIR Floortime 101: Beginner Level Education-January 2019, Biruni University

  • World Sound Day Symposium-April 2018, Marmara University

  • V. Swallowing Disorders Congress-Neurogenic Swallowing Disorder from Diagnosis to Treatment-April 2017, Hacettepe University Swallowing Disorders Research and Application Center

  • 8th National Congress of Audiology and Speech Disorders-October 2016, Gazi University Faculty of Health Sciences-Turkish Audiology & Speech-Sound Association

Sena Kurtulmuş

"Communication is the essence of human life."

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