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Turkish School Age Language Development Test-TOLD-P:4 

The Turkish School Age Language Development Test (TODİL; Topbaş & Güven, 2017) is the Turkish adaptation of the Test of Language Development-Primary: Fourth Edition (TOLD-P:4; Hammill & Newcomer, 2008). TODİL is a developmental, norm-referenced, standardized and individually administered measurement tool covering the age group of 4 years 0 months and 8 years 11 months. This test basically aims to determine the strengths and weaknesses in terms of language development by measuring language development in children with different dimensions and to distinguish children with developmental language disorders.


The test measures children's receptive and expressive language skills together in basic grammatical components. TODİL consists of a total of 9 subtests: Picture-Vocabulary, Associated Vocabulary, Expressive Vocabulary, Grammatical Comprehension, Sentence Repetition, Morphological Completion, Word Discrimination, Phonemic Analysis and Vocabulary. In addition, by adding the total raw scores of certain subtests, the Verbal Language Composite Score consisting of Listening, Speaking, Organizing, Semantics, Grammar Composite Score and the sum of all these is provided.



In the Turkish adaptation, validity, reliability and norm study of the test, data were collected from a highly representative sample from 7 regions and 23 cities of Turkey (N= 1252). In order to ensure representativeness, different demographic characteristics such as age, gender, ethnicity, disability, family education and income status were taken into account and this information was compared with the most up-to-date data of the Turkish Statistical Institute. The entire sample was used in the validity and reliability study of the test, and more than one indicator was provided for validity and reliability analysis. Finally, the discrimination study of the test was conducted.



According to the results of the analysis, TODİL is a measurement tool that has high validity and reliability, has current norms obtained from a highly representative norm group, and can distinguish children with language disorders from those without.

It is applied in Turkey only by speech and language therapists who have received TODİL training and have TODİL certificate.


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